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SOTC Speedsters - 2009 DACOF Champions!

SOTC Speedsters Take First Place at DACOF!

Each year, clubs and teams from around the state send their best 9 agility dog/handler teams to compete in a just-for-fun event called DACOF, or Dog Agility Competition of Florida. This year's event was held in Kissimmee, Florida at the Silver Spurs Rodeo Arena. The DACOF competition consists of five rounds, three on Saturday: Standard (no table), Jumpers (no weaves) and FAST, and two on Sunday: Standard (with table) and Jumpers (with weaves). Teams consist of 9 members, three at each level of Novice, Open and Excellent. The two best scores from each level from each class are used for the team score. We sent one full team and another of 4 members.

The SOTC Speedsters, were in first place after round 1 and actually remained there throughout the five rounds! We finished 106 points ahead of the second place team, with a score of 3130.32 points. Points are based on actual scores out of 100 points for a clean run plus a point added for each second a dog finishes under the course time for standard and jumpers classes. FAST scores are based on points accumulated during a run. In the standard and jumpers classes, our scores were all between 105 and 125 points.

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The weekend's wrap-up from Team Co-Captain, Lori Holdren:

SOTC Speedsters: Exc - Dan Wolfson and Diego, Karen Skoyec and Aiden, Nancy Wyant and Becca; Open - Jill Chodelka and LuJack, Lorraine Moxham-Smith and Cadyn, Lori Holdren and Rogue; Nov - Laura Anderson and Bogey, Darlene Tschiember and Rascal, Kim Butler and Peyton.

SOTC Speedsters Two: Exc - Dan Wolfson and Zoey, Lisa Graham and Riley; Open - Lorraine Moxham-Smith and Riley; Nov - Val Clows and Karma.

Below is a summary of how our team members did:

Class Placements:
Diego - 1st & 2nd in Jumpers, 3rd in Std
LuJack - 3rd in FAST
Cadyn - Two 1sts in Std, 2nd in FAST, 3rd in Jumpers
Bogey - 1st & 2nd in Std, 3rd in Jumpers
Peyton - 2nd in Std, 1st in FAST, 1st in Jumpers
Zoey - 1st & 2nd in Std
Rascal - 2nd in Std

Overall Placements in Heights for all Five Rounds Combined:
Exc 16": Zoey - 2nd; Diego - 3rd
Exc 20": Aiden - 10th
Exc 24": Becca - 4th
Open 16": Cadyn - 1st, Riley 7th, LuJack 13th
Open 20": Rogue - 2nd
Nov 12": Bogey - 1st
Nov 20": Rascal - 4th
Nov 24": Peyton - 1st

SOTC Speedsters, Team Two
Speedsters, Team Two

From Team Co-Captain, Dan Wolfson:
What a blast! Everyone's dogs ran great! The key to our success this year has to go to the totally awesome job our Novice and Open dogs did; they completely rocked on Saturday and kept up the excellent work on Sunday, even with the added pressure of trying to keep the lead. I think this shows what a strong program we have in our Agility classes at SOTC; kudo's to Lisa and all her instructors!

Well done to all our of team members and their puppies!

I'm sure looking forward to the day that this year's honorary team puppy members, Stella, Finn and Iska (who all tirelessly cheered on the big dogs this whole weekend) can go and represent the club in the same measure as Bogey, Rascal, Peyton, Rogue, Karma, Cadyn, LuJack, Riley (sheltie), Riley (golden), Becca, Aiden, Zoey and Diego did!

A special thanks goes out the "Gate Keeper", Bill. He took the bullet for the entire team on Saturday by single-handedly taking care of the our gate steward responsibilities for the whole day. He is owed a blue ribbon for his most excellent work.

Thank you for all your kind wishes and thoughts!



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