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Congratulations to the SOTC Speedsters
for their 8th place finish at DACOF 2012!

SOTC Speedsters**

From Susan Flowers:
Each year, clubs and teams from around the state send their best 9 agility dog/handler teams to compete in a just-for-fun event called DACOF, or Dog Agility Competition of Florida. The way it works is that everyone runs their dogs just like a regular agility trial. Each dog/handler team gets a bonus point added to their score for each second under time, and has points subtracted for errors (knocked bars, missed contacts, wrong course, etc). There are 5 rounds of this, then the scores of the team are added together. Trophies are awarded for dogs/handlers that place 1st thru 4th in each round, and also a 1st place trophy for overall.

2012 was the largest DACOF ever with 62 teams competing! For our team to finish in the top 10 is phenomenal, and a testament to a lot of hard work by the entire team.

This was some super-tough competition, especially in the top 10! For a team to do well, the Novice and Open dogs, who are not as experienced as the Excellent dogs, must really do well. So for us to have made it to 8th place, these folks worked super hard and pulled it off! Our Novice folks were all first-time attendees, and they ROCKED! I heard from several people on other teams about SOTC's amazing runs — and interestingly, each person I heard from mentioned a different amazing run!

I am SOOOO proud of our team — we worked really hard in practice to learn and apply the rules since they are a little different than the AKC or USDAA rules we are used to. We had to keep reminding each other to get the entire course and if we missed a jump, we had to go back and fix it. That took a little getting used to, and in looking at the stats, they did it!

Thanks to everyone for working so hard — and for taking the time to represent SOTC!

From DACOF Coordinator, Susan Fleming

Wow, as you have seen, our DACOF team did just great, both as a club and as individual teams. Our overall placement was impressive, and we came home with a number of trophies for individual achievements as well. This is a unique Florida event, and it's fun to be a part of it. It's entirely run by a volunteer team; business, including getting set up for the next year, is accomplished via a meeting on Saturday. You can tell that there has been a lot of thought given to organization, and that what is called "organizational learning" has taken place. I was impressed!

Some thank-you's are in order:

  • All our human team members for cheerfully helping wherever needed, and supporting each other
  • The team spirit everyone displayed
  • First-time team members who took a chance on this event (Valeri Jorgensen, Karen Butterworth and Jayne Gardiner
  • Old-timers who helped the above!
  • Dan Wolfson for running two dogs on our Speedsters team and one dog on our Buddy team
  • Karen Skoyec and Lorraine Moxham-Smith, for each running two dogs
  • Dan's wife Linda for all her help
  • Lisa Graham for helping with the t-shirts (which are really nice, and a color no one but us had)
  • Val Clows of Holistic Pets for getting us a really good price on raffle basket content items
  • Suzanne Ellis for making a really cool tote bag and checkbook cover for our raffle basket
  • Susan Flowers for "loaning" us Boxster, and for helping with the practices
  • **Jayne Gardiner's associate for taking our team picture
  • Monica Hendrickson-Boyd for jumping in to relieve our ring crew worker in a pinch
  • Jeff Boyer, our agility director, for helping in general
  • Our SOTC board for supporting us with partial funding
  • Whoever I forgot!!! and, most of all,
  • My Rosie for sitting in her crate for long hours while I took care of this and that, and running herself into a blurr in the ring!

Coordinating this event for our club was a privilege for me. Team events like this build club spirit, and closer relationships among all the participants. So, I have a bunch of new friends, and know my old friends better! Start thinking about next year — maybe we'll have a couple of full team and will keep on kicking butt!!

— Susan Fleming, DACOF 2012 Coordinator

2012 SOTC Speedsters:

Excellent Level — Lorraine Moxham-Smith and Caydn; Karen Skoyek and Aiden; Dan Wolfson and Stella

Open Level — Susan Fleming and Rosie; Lorraine Moxham-Smith and Riley; Dan Wolfson and Boxster

Novice Level — Karen Butterworth and Gracie; Jayne Gardiner and Blaze; Valeri Jorgensen and Riley

2012 SOTC Speedsters Buddy Team

Excellent Level — Karen Skoyec and Arrow; Dan Wolfson and Diego

individual Placements

Dan Wolfson and Stella (Border Collie), Excellent, 20' — TWO 1st places!
Karen Butterworth and Gracie (Corgi), Novice, 8' — 3rd place
Susan Fleming and Rosie (Miniature Poodle), Open, 12' — 3rd place
Lorraine Moxham-Smith and Riley (Sheltie) — Open, 16' — 2nd place
Dan Wolfson and Boxster (Cocker Spaniel), Open, 16' — 1st and a 2nd place


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