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SOTC Speedsters Finish in top 10 at DACOF 2013!

It was an awesome weekend for all involved with the 2013 DACOF Competition, our team worked hard and the preparation paid off. After day 1 the Speedsters were in 3rd pl, out of 58 teams, not an easy feat considering DACOF brings out some of the best agility dogs in the state of FL!!! We finished day 2 in 9th pl, just points away from being in the top 5!!! We should all be very proud, dogs performed wonderfully and team mates were always nearby to help, support and cheer each other on!

We had THREE teams this year - one full and two partial:

Exc: Susan Flowers & Boxter
Exc: Karen Skoyec( Captain) & Aiden
Exc: Dan Wolfson & Stella
Open: Joane Bevers & Barkley
Open: Valeri Jorgensen & Riley
Open: Nancy Griffin & Neala
Nov: Jayne Gardiner & Blaze
Nov: Stephanie Robinson & Callie
Nov: Jill Chodelka & Ray

Speedsters Too!
Exc: Susan Flowers(captain) & Jack
Exc: Kristi Loman Chiodo & General
Nov: Kathleen Jones & Tori
Nov: Kelley Ferguson & Lola

Speedsters Three
Exc Dan Wolfson(captain) & Zoey
Exc Kristi Loman Chiodo & Willow
Nov Sunny Birdsong & Katee
Nov Coke Handgen & Skeye

We had many placements including:
Dan & Stella - Excellent
2nd Pl JWW for 114 points
1st Pl JWW for 114 points

Joanne & Barclay - Open
1st Pl Fast for 70 points

Jill & Ray - Novice
3rd Pl Fast for 68 points
2nd Pl STD for 123 points


Special Award:
Jill Chodelka's Ray wins top scoring
12" Novice Dog with 527 points

A few words from our captain, Karen Skoyec:
Our dogs were awesome!!!
What can be said about Stella? Tearing it up on those jumpers courses, no wonder she is a world team contender!
Boxter also kicked ***** on that international style jumpers course.
Aiden brought it home with a solid JWW run as well.
Neala learned to read a course map for her JWW run, great contacts and weaves!
Barkley, our little 1st place FAST dog!
Riley had a TEXTBOOK jumpers run.
Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best 12" novice dog!
Blaze, a little crazy at times, but in a good way! Cool, speedy runs.
Callie, the dog who got the most bang for her buck!! Good weaves, nice FAST run!
General showed progress on his teeter. He and Willow also kicked it into gear in their FAST runs.
Jack and Zoey, so solid, our veterans:)
Skeye made her debut in the ring with some nice jumping.
Lola finished her first full agility weekend, and looked super.
Tory stayed with Kathy in that nice JWW run, turning a corner.
Katee completed her first clean full AKC style courses!!

Thank you Karen for being an amazing Captain/ co-ordinator!
And a VERY special thanks to our volunteers, Sunny's husband Jim, Janet, Coke, Barb & Shani. Because of their generous donation of time and support, our competitors were able to focus completely on running our dogs, we sincerely appreciate this!

We look forward to DACOF 2014, thinking of joining us?? Come on out to the field and we can start practicing for next year!!!


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