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Nancy Murphy

  • 40 years experience in Dog Sports - breed, flyball, obedience, etc.
  • Experience working with many different breeds of dogs
  • Instructor for 10 years at Camp Gone to the Dogs in Putney, VT Member - North American Flyball Association (NAFA)
  • Member – United Flyball League International (Ufli)
  • Former Member - American Rottweiler Club (ARC)
  • Former Member - Samoyed Club of America (SCA)
  • Lifetime Member - Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC) 40 years
    • Really Reliable Recall Instructor
    • Puppy Preschool Instructor
    • Former vice-president, board member, trial secretary, trial chairperson, trophy chairperson
  • The Humane Society of Sarasota County (HSSC) Former Clicker Training Instructor & Volunteer
  • Evaluator for Southwest Florida Great Dane Rescue
  • Earned titles in AKC Breed and Obedience on her own dogs
  • Earned NAFA & UFLI Flyball titles with her German Shepherd, Treeing Feist, Min Pin, and Rat Terrier
  • Earned two IRON DOG titles on her dogs
  • Earned two FDGCH titles (50,000 points) on her GSD & Treeing Feist
  • Training Director & Owner of Dog>Gone Flyball

Stacy Groff

Stacy has put NAFA flyball titles on her two rescue dogs (Jazz through ONYX and Gizmo through FDCh-G) from the Humane Society of Sarasota County. Her pointer mix, Jazz has earned through TF-III in U-Fli as well. Her dogs have also earned CGCs and are training in Obedience and Rally through the AKC Canine Partners program. Jazz has a Rally Novice title and is completing her advanced title. She has placed with every leg of her titles!

Mike Miller

Mike has put NAFA flyball titles on his two dogs. (Lexi through FDGCh, Maggie FM). Both Lexi and Maggie have earned TF-III in U-fli. Mike is also one of 2 approved head judges for NAFA in the region (11 which covers the entire state).

  • Member - SOTC
  • Instructor - Flyball Skills Class
  • Member - North American Flyball Association
  • Club Owner - U-Fli
  • Barkaholics Flyball Team - Owner
  • Designer of Flyball Equipment

Jean Smith

Jean has no bias or prejudice concerning where or how you acquired your dog. Her own dogs came from breeders, from rescue groups, dogs she picked up on the street, dogs she rescued out of yards and apartments, cast-offs, and dogs who've shown up starving at her gate. She has been training, competing, and earning various titles with these dogs in a wide array of dog sports including:
Obedience, Flyball, Rally, Conformation, Agility, Herding, Dockdiving, Lure Coursing, Carting, Driving, Schutzhund, Weight Pull

Has had one dog (pictured) perform off-lead and live onstage with the Sarasota Opera and orchestra in operatic adaption of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

Her club affiliations, past and present, include:

  • Sarasota Obedience Training Club (SOTC)
    • Flyball Training Director
    • Instructor, Advanced Flyball
    • Member and coach of Speed On The Course, SOTC's own flyball team
    • Assistant, Beginning Utility (Obedience)
    • Competed with club teams at both DACOF (Dog Agility Clubs of Florida) and DOCOF (Dog Obedience Clubs of Florida)competitions
  • Dog Scouts of America, Peace River Troop
    • Primary emphasis on responsible dog ownership through obedience training
      • Goal is to promote responsible dog ownership in the community through good example
    • Secondary are
      • Community Service
      • Group activities with our dogs
      • Fund raising
      • Earning badges
  • 4-H Dog Clubs
    • Showmanship Judge, Sarasota and Manatee County 4-H dog shows
    • 4 Paws Dog Club, Sarasota County (past and present)
      • Co-leader
      • Instruct children ages 8-18 in Obedience, Rally, Agility and Conformation (Showmanship)
  • Peace River Dog Fanciers (past)
    • Board Member
    • Instructor, CGC Manners classes and Novice Competition Obedience classes
  • Therapy Dogs International (past)
    • Visited nursing homes and assisted living facilities
    • Certified with Tidewell Hospice in Sarasota
  • Gulfstream Rottweiler Club
    • Active in statewide legislative initiatives concerning dog ownership issues
    • Club's motto “If You Don't Rescue, DON'T BREED”
  • Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation
    • Active in statewide legislative initiatives concerning Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)
    • Raise public awareness of how BSL impacts the lives of our pets
  • Miscellaneous affiliations
    • Working hard through legislative efforts on a statewide level to safeguard our domestic animals against draconian laws drafted by law-making bodies
      • National Animal Interest Alliance
      • American Kennel Club
      • Florida Association of Kennel Clubs
      • National Dog Owners Association
      • U.S. Sportsman Alliance
      • Florida Cattlemen's Association

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